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GE Portfolio Matrix

What you put in... What you get out...
  • SBU, product, or segment ratings on key attributes
  • Importance of these attributes to the firm
  • Visual representation of relative attractiveness of SBUs, products, or market segments on a 2-dimensional map
  • Sensitivity of map to attribute importance scores

The GE Portfolio approach evaluates a business on the basis of two composite dimensions: industry attractiveness and business strength. These dimensions, in turn, consist of a series of weighted factors. Both the factor weights and the factors themselves may vary from one application to another; for example, industry attractiveness includes measures of market size, growth rate, competitive intensity, and the like, whereas business strength normally includes such measures as market share, share growth, and product quality. Analysts assign each business a rating for each factor and a weight to each factor. Multiplying the factor ratings by the weights produces a position for each business on the strength/attractiveness matrix.

geWhile designed to assist in the GE/McKinsey approach to portfolio management, this model can be used for any situation where a certain number of items are ranked on two sets of weighted factors. Optionally, multiple sets of weights can be used.

The GE Portfolio approach helps firms answer such questions as:

  • On which products, offerings, or divisions should we focus our efforts?
  • What method can we use to assess and understand the weights that various members of the management team assign to different dimensions?
  • How can we reconcile different points of view?

Technical Note

There is currently not a technical note for the GE/McKinsey Portfolio Matrix model.

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Segment, Targeting, and Profit Prioritization for Greater Profit

In this ISBM sponsored webinar, Professor Lilien will introduce the basic principles of ranking and prioritization using the GE/McKinsey approach.

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