Fast Start Team Package

The Decision/Insight Fast-Start Team Package enables you not only to bring the powerful Marketing Engineering for Excel (ME>XL) tools into your practice, but to "install it in use" for you and your team.

In a custom, web-based tutorial—built around your data, your problem, your challenges—you'll not only learn how to use the tools, but produce immediate business results which can often pay for the tools and instruction right away! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to discuss your particular needs.

The Marketing Engineering "Decision/Insight" Fast-Start Team Package

  • A custom webinar—1 ½ - 2 hours long—built on your data; and specific business marketing challenges you identify. The process includes a teleconference to discuss your case, the gathering of data from your team, and the building of a custom webinar illustrating how one or more of the tools can be used in your practice.
  • The "Decision/Insight" Fast-Start Team Package also includes up to 3 hours of ongoing follow up with the instructor by phone or webinar, as well as access to recorded web-based tutorials available anytime.
  • When purchased as part of the Decision/Insight team package, ME>XL software licenses are available at the special price of $500 each for Members of your team in this class. (Includes the ME>XL Software, Principles of Marketing Engineering Guidebook, on-line access to recorded web tutorials at any time.)

ME>XL "Decision Insight" Fast-Start Team Package – Custom Webinar

  • Teleconference to discuss business marketing situation, select tools, define templates.
  • Templates sent to team members to enable them to gather data for import to selected tool(s).
  • Data transmitted (NDA) to course leader who prepares custom, secure webinar.
  • Webinar (1½ - 2 hours) to introduce selected tools, illustrate use on real data, work on key decisions. (Recorded for subsequent viewing.)
  • Three hours of follow up: phone or webinar.
  • Special software license price for course attendees only -- $500.