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Change Log

v2.0.5 - Mar 22, 2014

  • Bug Fix - customer lifetime value calculations
  • Bug Fix - conjoint analysis
  • Improved positioning 3D interactive display
  • Improved installation error code diagnosis
  • Update - customer lifetime value tutorial

v2.0.4 - Jan 16, 2014

  • New GE portfolio case (academic version): Suzlon Energy: A Quest for Opportunities
  • Bug Fix - conjoint parameters were not set correctly when optimzing the product set for revenue
  • Bug Fix - changed highlighted fields in conjoint output to indicate which column was selected for optimization

v2.0.3 - Sep 13, 2013

  • Case Update - Braincell: fixed starting calibration option and updated case to inform students to use exponential function for calibration

v2.0.2 - Aug 29, 2013

  • Bug Fix - Fixed error preventing installation on Office 365

v2.0.1 - Aug 12, 2013

  • Bug Fix - Ideal map crash if c:\Temp directory does not exist

v2.0 - Apr 15, 2013

  • New segmentation case (academic version) - FLIP Side of Segmenation
  • New positioning case (academic version) - Can the Bunny Hop?
  • New positioning case (academic version) - Heineken
  • Positioning 3-D interactive maps
  • Pricing model based on Gabor-Granger method
  • Conjoint model updates
    • Choice of optimizing based on revenue or market share
    • Attribute Preference Order
    • Attribute Level Restrictions
  • Updated AdBudg calculation in Resource Allocation

v1.7.1 (academic) - Sep 12, 2011

  • Bug Fix - CLV error with period calculations

v1.7 (academic) - Aug 18, 2011

  • New segmentation case (academic version) - Pacific Brands
  • Enhanced data screening diagnostics and error messages
  • Generalized Bass Model allows adoptions prior to the first period
  • Customer Choice shows variable averages for each of the chosen alternatives
  • Enhanced error handling
  • Bug Fix: Positioning analysis failed when there were fewer attributes than brands

v1.6.3 - Oct 15, 2010

  • Fixed display with positioning maps (for consistency with v1.5) which caused axis to rotate

v1.6.2 - Sep 29, 2010

  • Fixed bug with manual activation and incorrect date format during activation

v1.6.1 - Sep 16, 2010

  • Fixed bug with Logit Analysis

v1.6.0 - Sep 3, 2010

  • Fixed confusion matrix bug in Segmentation with Discriminant Analysis Updated activation process
  • Updated licensing process

v1.5 - Aug 7, 2009

  • Latent Class Segmentation as well as several other minor enhancements to other models.
  • Introduction of the Ford Hybrid Car Case (academic version), a new case featuring the Bass Model.