Notice: Please visit for our latest Marketing Engineering software
Marketing Engineering for Excel has reached end of life and is no longer receiving updates. Please visit to explore our newest online marketing analytics platform which is designed to replace the Marketing Engineering for Excel add-in.

Notice: ME Cloud being discontinued July 1, 2021
The ME Cloud academic solution for Mac and Chromebook students to access the Marketing Engineering for Excel add-in will be discontinued on July 1, 2021. For further information, please refer to the ME Cloud update news item.

Enginius for Students

Enginius is a new software offering from DecisionPro that takes Marketing Engineering models online. No more installation problems. No more incompatibility problems. Beginning July 1, five models will be available for use in class, Segmentation, Positioning, Conjoint Analysis, Predictive Modeling (with exception of ABB business case), and Price Optimization. We will be adding new models regularly and expect Enginius to have the full capabilities of Marketing Engineering for Excel (MEXL) by the Spring 2018 semester.

Now First quarter 2018 First quarter 2018
  • Segmentation
  • Positioning
  • Conjoint
  • Pricing
  • Predictive Modeling
  • GE Matrix
  • Resource Allocation
  • Bass
  • CLV

During the Fall semester while we are still adding ME>XL models into Enginius, access to Enginius will be included as part of standard Marketing Engineering for Excel student subscription. You may use ME>XL and/or Enginius models depending on what mix of models you teach. 

Due to updated algorithms and output charts in Enginius, the output may differ from what is produced by Marketing Engineering for Excel software. While the numbers may vary between the products, the conclusions drawn from each business case remains the same. Is is recommended that instructors provide clear direction to students about which software the students should be using do to variations in output.

Student Access to Enginius

Once the university or student purchases a student subscription to the ME>XL software, the student will be able to

  1. Download the Marketing Engineering for Excel add-in to their Windows computer (Mac users may access the Marketing Engineering for Excel add-in using our ME Cloud service).
  2. Access the Enginius platform for online analysis (available for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.).