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The ME Cloud academic solution for Mac and Chromebook students to access the Marketing Engineering for Excel add-in will be discontinued on July 1, 2021. For further information, please refer to the ME Cloud update news item.


Principles of Marketing Engineering and Analytics, 3rd Edition—And More

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There is a lot to look forward to our marketing engineering and analytics lineup, beginning with…

Available Now:  Principles of Marketing Engineering and Analytics, 3rd Edition

Principles 3rd cover 150x211Just out… Principles of Marketing Engineering and Analytics, 3rd Edition.  The latest edition includes up-to-date examples and references as well as a new chapter on the digital online revolution in marketing and its implications for online advertising. In addition, the edition now incorporates some basic financial concepts (ROI, Breakeven Analysis, and Opportunity Cost) and other tools essential to the new domain of marketing analytics.

Please visit for more details on the book, to request a desk copy or to place an order.

There is a lot to look forward to in the coming months….

Ready for testing now…and available to students July 1: Enginius – an online toolkit of marketing analytics models

The Enginius platform allows marketing analytics models to be run online without a desktop installation. No more installation problems.  No more incompatibility problems. Beginning July 1, five models will be available for use in class, Segmentation, Positioning, Conjoint Analysis, Predictive Modeling, and Price Optimization. We will be adding new models regularly and expect Enginius to have the full capabilities of Marketing Engineering for Excel (MEXL) within 8-10 months. Check it out now by logging into your instructor account on the website and clicking the “Test Enginius” button in the Instructor section:

May 17th, 2017:  Enginius Overview Webinar 1

Sign up now for the first Enginius webinar, an Enginius overview webinar, designed to introduce instructors to Enginius and its capabilities.

To attend the webinar, please register at

June 1: Marketing Engineering for Excel 2.1

MEXL, which relies on models using Excel and installed on the client computer, will remain healthy and viable for quite some time.   Hence, an update to Marketing Engineering for Excel is scheduled for release June 1, 2017. This update will include several new cases, bug fixes and other changes that will enhance the user experience.  

June 14th, 2017:  Enginius Application Webinar 2

As a follow-on the May 17th webinar, this webinar will demonstrate how Enginius can help address marketing analytics business cases.   The webinar will focus on Enginius capabilities in Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, the core of marketing analytics.

To attend this webinar, please register at

Later in the year….

More models in Enginius, more cases, more instructor support material…  if have any questions on our upcoming products, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and our support team will get back to you.

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Gary Lilien

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Arnaud De Bruyn

Professor Gary L. Lilien from Penn State University is the winner of the EMAC Distinguished Marketing Scholar Award 2015

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EMAC has announced that Professor Gary L. Lilien from Penn State University is the winner of the EMAC Distinguished Marketing Scholar Award 2015.

EMAC Announcement:

This annual award is designed to be the highest honor that a marketing educator who has had extensive connections with EMAC (The European Marketing Academy) can receive. The two main criteria for the award are: (1) Outstanding marketing scholarship as reflected in extensive, impactful research contributions and (2) Outstanding contributions to the European Marketing Academy.

Professor Lilien has an outstanding record in terms of publications, with 50 articles in the leading marketing and management science journals, including nine in International Journal of Research in Marketing. He has received multiple awards for his publications, including twice the award for best paper in IJRM.  Professor Lilien has been for three decades a leading researcher on business-to-business marketing and marketing analytics.  His work has influenced generations of researchers, having been cited more than 12,000 times.

He has also contributed to marketing education through fourteen books, many re-issued. This includes his two landmark textbooks on Marketing Models, co-written with Philip Kotler. Another outstanding contribution was his series of books and software on “Marketing Engineering,” written with Arvind Rangaswamy, which made it possible for large populations of students to enter into the logic and mechanisms of marketing models. Professor Lilien has made unique contributions to EMAC.  He has remained constantly since 1987 in the editorial board of EMAC’s flagship publication, International Journal of Research in Marketing.

He served many times in the faculty of the EMAC Doctoral Colloquium, and played an important role in positioning this colloquium as a place where seasoned faculty listen to still unknown students in order to give them help and advice to start their career with publications. Many attendants who are now leading colleagues fondly remember his support which sometimes included invitations to Penn State. Professor Lilien has played an important role in attracting to EMAC a large number of overseas colleagues, especially from North America but also from ANZMAC. This has played a role in the increased visibility of European research in the world’s academic community in marketing.

He also created major innovations during his more than 20 year tenure in EMAC’s Executive Committee, as Vice-president or as Representative for the US. He played a key role in creating and organizing the EMAC-McKinsey dissertation award, which has become such important element of EMAC’s portfolio. He also played an important role in designing, on behalf of the Executive Committee, several formalized procedures, e.g. for the appointment of IJRM’s editor-in-chief or for the EMAC Distinguished Marketing Scholar Award. As part of his career-long work in favor of increased links between academia and practice and for managerially relevant research, he has organized presentations, at each EMAC conference, by the three finalists of the practice prize that now bears his name.

He has made numerous contributions in other academic journals, associations, and institutions and received several lifetime awards and honorary degrees. Let us simply mention his unchallenged reputation as the fastest reviewer in the profession.

Overall, Professor Lilien fully deserves the EMAC Distinguished Marketing Scholar Award, given his high quality rigorous research, exceptional contribution to EMAC, and service to the marketing community.

He will officially be presented with the Award at the forthcoming EMAC conference in Leuven (May 26-29, 2015), during which he will give an invited presentation in a special session.

The Award Committee consisted of Gilles Laurent (Chair), Sönke Albers, and Hubert Gatignon.

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