Marketing Engineering software, business cases, and books were originally developed as classroom learning tools for Professor Gary Lilien's and Arvind Rangaswamy's own classes. DecisionPro has continued to support student learning in many ways including discounted Marketing Engineering for Excel software (over 85% off retail price) which includes business cases to supplement your learning. 

About Marketing Engineering for Excel Software

The Marketing Engineering for Excel software is an add-in for the Windows version of Microsoft Excel to add statistical analysis features to basic Microsoft Excel functionality. 

Windows Users:  Windows users will be able to download the add-in to install on their personal computers. System Requirements for Installing Software:

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10
  • Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, or 2016

Mac Users: The Marketing Engineering for Excel software cannot be installed directly on a Mac OS. To use Marketing Engineering on a Mac computer, students have the following options:

  1. Using Windows virtual machine software (such as VMWare Fusion, Parallels, Boot Camp, etc.), you may run Windows and Microsoft Excel for Windows on your Mac computer. This will allow you to install the Marketing Engineering for Excel add-in and have full functionality of the software. This is the preferred method for accessing Markeitng Engineering for Excel on your Mac.
  2. As an alternative, if you are unable to install the Marketing Engineering for Excel add-in, we have set up a service that allows users to remotely access the Marketing Engineering for Excel software through their internet browser. This service is called "ME Cloud". The ME Cloud is a Windows server running the Windows version of Microsoft Excel with our add-in installed. Please note that there are some limitations to using the ME Cloud service:
    1. You will not be able to access the interactive 3D modeling in the positioning analysis module.
    2. You will be accessing a remote server on the internet and as such, there are many external factors (internet speed, number of students logged into the server, etc.) that will affect usability.
      Please see our ME Cloud FAQ section for more details on the ME Cloud.

Steps to Access Marketing Engineering software

Step 1 - Subscribe to Materials

If you are required to use Marketing Engineering for Excel software in your class, you must first subscribe to the student materials on our website. Your instructor will need to provide you with a Student Access Code* which you must enter to confirm that you qualify for the academic subscription. 

Step 1: Subscribe to Student Materials

Step 2 - Access Software

After completing the subscription process, you may access the Marketing Engineering software.

Step 2: Access Student Software

On the Access Software page, students with a valid subscription (Step 1) will have the following options depending on their Operating System.

windows-50Windows Users

apple-50Mac Users

  1. Request software license and password to activate software
  2. Download the Marketing Engineering for Excel add-in
  3. Install software on your personal computer
  4. Start Excel and enter license information to activate software
  1. Request ME Cloud Account for Mac Users
  2. Launch Excel via Me Cloud
    (Marketing Engineering for Excel add-in is already installed)

Purchase Textbooks

You may purchase textbooks directly from DecisionPro at a discount from the suggested retail price. Electronic versions of our textbooks are also available in select countries through Google Books.

Purchase Textbook

Get Support

If you have difficulties registering on our website or with downloading or activating the software, please contact us through our Support Center. When submitting a support ticket, it is helpful to indicate which University you attend and your software License ID if you have one.

Contact Support


* If you are a student interested in Marketing Engineering but your instructor is not teaching the software, please contact us through the support center and attach a scanned copy of your current university student ID in order to have your account confirmed.