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What is the "Student Access Code"?

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The "Student Access Code" allows students to qualify for the academically-priced materials on the DecisionPro website. Instructors will provide this code to the students so that the student may purchase/access the Marketing Engineering student materials.


The Student Access Code will change in January and July each year. The most recent Code may be found on the Student-Purchase Software tab of the Get Software for Students page on our website. This code should be provided to your students if you want them to purchase access to the software themselves. If the university is purchasing the software for the students, a different code will be provided after the university complete the purchase process.


Your instructor should provide the Student Access Code. This code, when entered on the website at the Subscribe to Student Materials page, will allow you to purchase a subscription to the academically priced software (or if the university has purchase the subscription for you, subscribe for free).

If you are a university student but your instructor is not teaching the Marketing Engineering material, you may still qualify for the academically priced materials. To qualify, please submit a copy of your university student ID through a support ticket.