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Marketing Engineering News - Spring 2013

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Marketing Engineering for Excel Version 2 Now Available for Instructor Review

Instructors are encouraged to evaluate ME>XL Version 2.0 (available in the instructor download section) which will be available for student use next month. Version 2.0 introduces addtitional model features, a new pricing model, and several new business cases.

Version 2.0 requires a new/different license than previous releases but one can uninstall ME>XL version 1.x in order to test version 2 without disrupting the license status of version 1.x. While version 1.x and version 2 cannot coexist on the same machine, one can uninstall/reinstall either product while maintaining the license status of each. To obtain a new version 2.0 license, please visit the Instructor Activation page.

Features of Version 2.0 of Marketing Engineering for Excel (for a complete list of changes, please visit What's New in Version 2):

  1. Changes in our underlying calculation libraries and compile/build processes cause minor changes in some of our output calculations. Consequently, some results generated by version 2.0 may show minor differences from earlier releases. While not significant for analysis, we do not recommend an instructor use version 2.0 personally if the students are using version 1.x (to avoid confusion). Models where such differences may appear are Segmentation and Positioning. Also of note, our default Adbudg calculation used for the Resource Allocation model has been updated, which will also produce slightly different results.
  2. 3d positioning samplePositioning 3-D Interactive Mapping is an advanced feature which will allow the user to see the perceptual map in an interactive three dimensional mode. Users can rotate the display to more clearly see product/attribute relationship and can customize the display using the several available controls. Users can reposition products (or add a new one) and vary each attribute to see how it contributes to the market position held by that product. View the positioning tutorial included with the software to learn about the new options. A webinar introducing 3D Positioning will occur shortly.
  3. The Pricing Model introduced in version 2.0 is based on the Gabor-Granger method, which offers a relatively simple approach to estimate customer’s willingness to buy at different price points (and to interpolate between these price points). An OfficeStar example data set is included to evaluate the model and a case will be available for student assignment before version 2.0 becomes generally available (April 15, 2013). A webinar on the Pricing Model will occur shortly.
  4. Our Conjoint Model now includes several enhancements which instructors should consider. A webinar introducing the new features of the Conjoint Model will occur shortly.
    • Optimization based on Revenue or Market Share allows uses to seek product solutions that maximize either revenue or market share.
    • Attribute Preference Order is a new option that allows the user to specify either increasing or decreasing preference for applicable attributes (e.g. price or distance).
    • The new Attribute Level Restriction allows users to exclude certain levels of a product during the analysis stage.
    • The case solutions bundled with ME>XL will be modified to explain the effect of the above enhancements since students might invoke them during analysis. Instructors using their own cases/data should determine how the new options might affect student recommendations.
  5. New Cases have been included in ME>XL version 2.0
    • "Heineken"  is a positioning case which demonstrates the value of the new 3-D interactive map for determining whether repositioning Heineken's beer brands in the Spanish beer market could increase sales.
    • "FLIP Side of Segmentation" is a segmentation case developed by the Indian School of Business and is based on the Finitiatives Learning India Pvt Ltd., an e-learning company that desires to understand what differences exist in the needs of their potential customers, which customer groups should they target, and how they should reach those customer groups.
    • "Can the Bunny Hop?" is a new positioning case developed by the Indian School of Business and is based on Nutrine, an Indian based confectionary company. It is an exercise in visualizing the market for gum and mints, specifically to advise management if it is appropriate to consider a brand extension using the Nutrine and MahaLacto brand umbrella in these new categories.

Spring 2013 Instructor Webinar Series

We have planned three webinars to demonstrate the new and enhanced models in ME>XL version 2.0. Instructors are invited to join us for these live webinars:

(All webinars will be available on our website a few days after the live session)

Marketing Engineering for Excel Newcomers in 2012

We are pleased Marketing Engineering and Marketing Engineering for Excel is being adopted by new faculty and students and are working hard to ensure our offering brings enhanced value to the teaching/learning process.

We are pleased to welcome these new users to the Marketing Engineering for Excel family:

  • Babson College
  • Cal State - Fullerton
  • Konkuk University
  • London School of Business
  • University of Parma
  • Sabanci University
  • ALBA Graduate Business School
  • University of Giessen
  • Shanghai University
  • Tongji University
  • NUS Business School
  • Lahore University of Management Sciences
  • Bradley University
  • University of Lugano