Notice: Please visit for our latest Marketing Engineering software
Marketing Engineering for Excel has reached end of life and is no longer receiving updates. Please visit to explore our newest online marketing analytics platform which is designed to replace the Marketing Engineering for Excel add-in.

Notice: ME Cloud being discontinued July 1, 2021
The ME Cloud academic solution for Mac and Chromebook students to access the Marketing Engineering for Excel add-in will be discontinued on July 1, 2021. For further information, please refer to the ME Cloud update news item.

Get ME>XL Software for Students

DecisionPro provides academic subscriptions to its software at an 85% discount from the regular professional license. If you would like to give your students hands-on experience with the Marketing Engineering for Excel software, they may access it in one of two standard methods:

Notice: If you are planning to use only the Enginius software platform in your class, please place your order (or obtain the student instructions for purchasing) on under the Purchase Enginius link on the Enginius Instructors menu.

University-Purchased DecisionPro Software

Universities may purchase a class software subscription to Marketing Engineering for Excel. This subscription will provide each student in your class access to the Marketing Engineering for Excel software and DecisionPro business cases. Volume discounts begin at 10 subscriptions. Options include:

  1. Software license for also installing in a university computer lab
  2. 6 or 12 month subscription lengths
  3. Principles of Marketing Engineering textbook in PDF format

Package Options

 Premium Software PackageStandard Software PackageBasic Software Package
Software for University Computers Optional Optional Yes
Software Access from Student's Computer Yes Yes No
Tutorials and Example Data Sets Yes Yes Yes
DecisionPro Business Cases Yes Yes No
Principles of Marketing Engineering eBook Yes No No

PRICING Information

Current pricing for university-purchased software may be found in our store area: Additional volume discounts can be found on the individual package page linked to from the above store link.

Purchase Options

Multi-user licenses may be purchased and paid for online through our website. Payment is made online via credit card or Paypal at the time of purchase.

Non-US Universities that need to pay by bank wire transer or US Universities that need to pay via a Purchase Order, please request an invoice by submitting your order details via email.

Purchase Online

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Student-Purchased DecisionPro Software

To ensure that only students are purchasing the academically-priced software, the instructor will need to provide the students with a Student Access Code for the student to confirm his/her academic status on our website. Please read our FAQ for more information on the Student Access Code.

Students may purchase an academic subscription to access the Marketing Engineering software and business cases. The following subscription lengths are available:

      • Six Months - $45
      • One Year - $60

The student will have the option to select the subscription length during the order process.

Student Access Code

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