Business Cases and Solutions

DecisionPro (the makers of Marketing Engineering) has developed several business cases and exercises to demonstrate the real-life implications of Marketing Engineering. The business cases are designed to demonstrate to students the value of analytical marketing in a business situation and are included with most Marketing Engineering for Excel downloads (except the University-purchased Basic Software Package). Most business cases on this page include data in Excel format for use with the Marketing Engineering for Excel software. Some cases require the student to manually enter data into the software.

Available Cases

  • All DecisionPro business cases (except those marked "beta") are installed with the instructor version of Marketing Engineering for Excel software.
  • Business cases are included with the student purchased software.
  • Business cases are included with the Standard and Premium university-purchased software packages.

The following links contain a brief description of the case, the case and data sets, the case solution in PDF format, and, if available, an archived webinar discussing the case solution. (View a list of just the solutions in PDF format.)

Display #
Title Hits
ABB Electric - Customer Choice 4022
ABCDEmail 386
Abcor2000 - Value-In-Use 3105
Addison Wesley Longman - GE Matrix 3131
Allegro - Smart Sheet 3235
BlackBerry Pearl - Positioning 3804
Blue Mountain Coffee - ADBUDG 4800
Bookbinders Book Club - Customer Choice 7110
BrainCell Internet Advertising - Solver 3647
C-Tek Corporation - Resource Allocation 3288
Can the Bunny Hop? - Positioning 2337
ConneCtor PDA 2001 - Positioning 4284
ConneCtor PDA 2001 - Segmentation 5142
Converges - Customer Lifetime Value 2401
Durr Environmental Inc - Segmentation-Conjoint Analysis 4958
FLIP Side of Segmentation - Segmentation 2964
Ford Hybrid Cars - Bass Forecasting 5594
Forte Hotel Design - Conjoint Analysis 6097
Heineken - Positioning 3272
Infiniti G20 - Positioning 4889
ISBM - Segmentation/Positioning 363
John French CALLPLAN - Resource Allocation 3478
Kirin USA - Segmentation-Positioning-Conjoint 7608
Northern Aero - Customer Lifetime Value 3330
OfficeStar Ink Cartridge - Trial-Repeat 2300
Pacific Brands - Segmentation 1576
Suzlon - GE Matrix 1320
Syntex Laboratories (A) - Resource Allocation 3706
SyPhone - Customer Lifetime Value 3412
Zach's Garage - Pricing 2133